Heyy, my name is Jessica! Or Jess, whichever you prefer :) I'm taken by an absolutely amazing and sweet and silly man! <3 We are ENGAGED!<3 Nobody ever said that long distance is easy but it is worth it!
✈ Virginia, USA → Saskatchewan, Canada ✈
2217 miles doesn't have anything against us :)
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Jessden 💑 = Braden&Jess forever <3
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As of January 9th, 2014 we are together <3 and will be for the next 4 months :D

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Tumblr, meet Mary the MooCow and Timothy the Hippo :)

Tumblr, meet Mary the MooCow and Timothy the Hippo :)

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Let me explain what we did tonight… We sat on the bed together and Braden was playing NHL on xbox and I got bored so I started taking pictures of him and after like 5 minutes he finally noticed! And I enjoyed making weird faces :) I love us, so much <3

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IT&#8217;S SPRING BREAK!!!! &lt;3


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Interact with me!

Message me, tell me your love story, submit pictures of you and your SO, anything pleaseeeee :)

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Had a nice date night at Applebee’s with my baby <3

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My Valentine’s Day consisted of a teddy bear, chocolates, ice skating, Beauty and the Beast, and lots of love and cuddles :)

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I scored a goal! :)

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